Media Ninja

I bring ideas to life through digital media. I use web development, video, animation and flash to problem solve and tell stories visually. My creativity is driven by rapid prototyping and my motivation embraces the agile mindset.

Team Player

Fostering team synergy is my favorite core objective. I believe that the team’s motivation and well-being strongly reflects the quality of a product. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

Global Mindset

I bridge the communication gaps between cultures with my ability to communicate in English, German and three Filipino dialects. My proven track record has reached globally, having worked in
 Austria,   UK,
 Canada and  Germany.


My motivation to work in media is to produce good, useful and meaningful products. As a workshop facilitator, I help diverse teams build alignment on their project objectives and help them draw out their shared vision of success.